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About  Me and My Business


About Me


Name: Carolyn Moshier

Title: Owner, Certified Professional Organizer,  Senior Move Manager,  Occupational Therapist

Credentials :  OTR/L,  CPO


Primary Email :


Professional Bio

-OT for 30+ years with the last 15 years specializing in Geriatric Home Health.

-Volunteer organizer of : 

  • Church Events to include Youth Group Fundraiser Themed Dinners

  • Coordinator of School Events such as Ashley Homecoming

  • Team mom, Multiple times!

  • Neighborhood holiday events

  • Planner and Coordinator of Small Events such as Bridal showers, Rehearsal Dinners,

         Birthday Parties

  •  Ashley HS Athletic Booster Club VP of Events


  • Organized                                     

  • Special attention to detail

  • Creativity

  • Compassionate 

  • Personable

  • Efficient


Bachelors Degree in Science/Occupational Therapy Degree

NC Occupational Therapy license #9907- Retired

National OT Board Certification # 983060

Certified Massage Therapist-Retired

IAPO Certification as Professional Organizer

CPR Certified

Covid-19 Basics- Certificate of Completion


NAPO (Nat'l Assoc of Professional Organizers)

NAPO-North Carolina

NASMM (Nat'l Assoc of Senior Move Managers)

ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization)

Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce,  Carolina Beach NC

Island Women - womens volunteer local group

About My  Business


Business Name : Urge to Purge


Business Tagline: Creative Planning and Organization Solutions


Mailing Address:  PO Box 44  Carolina Beach, NC 28428


Phone Number: 770-312-6905


Fax Number: 910- 707-0137 





Business Description

Urge to Purge is a home organization company that specializes in Senior Re-sizing or Relocation,  Home Safety Assessment for Seniors, Home Sale Readiness, Single or Multi- Space De-clutter and Organization, of Home or Office,  Floor Planning/Staging for optimal function and beauty in your home, as well as Small Event Planning.

Whats set Carolyn At Urge to Purge apart from the rest of the Professional Organizing Industry??

Given that Carolyn has had significant experience in working with a variety of special needs people over her 25+ year career as an occupational therapist, she is  naturally and instinctively in-tuned to the compassion, empathy, and respect that is essential when working with others to adapt things in their home, and overall life!  Carolyn utilizes creative and, MOST importantly, Cost Efficient solutions to your organization needs.    Known for her "Design on a Dime " approach, she knows just where to shop to get the best deals and pass those onto her clients.!  She also loves to re-purpose what you already have in your home  which is also a big cost saving technique.  In addition, Carolyn is  a firm believer in use of networking partners and passing those savings onto clients as well.

Carolyn has the knowledge to recognize and appreciate the specialized home organization needs of folks with:

  • ADHD, ADD, Autism,  Aspergers'

  • Congenital Disorders

  • Learning Disabilities,  Sensory Imbalances

  • Arthritis, Fibromyagia and other Chronic Pain Issues

  • Dementia and other Natural Aging Deficits,

  • Neurological issues such as Brain injury , Multiple Sclerosis,  ALS, Cerebral Palsy, etc 

Carolyn instinctively knows what object /habits/routines need to be adapted or simplified for optimal function and accessibility ,  facilitating the least amount of difficulty or fatigue/pain and optimal independence and safety!   

She is familiar and comfortable working with people in their homes, using the the highest degree of  respect of their space, habits, lifestyles and preferences .

Moreover, Carolyn considers it a privilege to be welcomed into someone's home.

Carolyn's background in Occupational Therapy is undeniably a Gem in this world of Professional Organizing!


At UTP, Carolyn provides all clients with the tools to keep their spaces organized and functional at the end of each Project.   Each client receives onsite training as well as a Client Packet of tools to continue to use for optimal Maintenance of Easy To Use Organization Systems. to carry them through the rest of their lives.  This is a special part of the process that clients find so useful.

In addition, UTP is available for "Refresher or Maintenance Sessions" to encourage folks to "Keep on Keeping on!"


Carolyn fully believes and operates with that montra of... "When u love what u do u will never work a day in your life!"  Its why she decided to have  this Urge To Purge business!!

For these reasons and more, you will find that Carolyn and her team at Urge To Purge are  the GO TO company for your  Organization and Event Planning  needs!

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My 30 years as an Occupational Therapist, facilitating independent, efficient and safe daily living, along with my love for planning and organizing, led me to the realization that I truly wanted to have my own business where I could share my skills and passion for the positive outcomes that results from an organized environment!

I loved the idea of helping others find the comfort and productivity in creating simple, aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces in their homes, as well as assisting folks in the daunting task of getting ready to sell a house, relocate their Senior loved one,  or even just adapting an elderly person's home to stay safely and independent in place.

My passion for Organization came out of necessity after I unexpectedly found myself a single working mother of two toddlers.  I knew I needed to create a home life where my children could have routines and strategies to help them become as independent and as helpful as possible in our day to day living. I used color or picture-coded labels in the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms to help identifying where things “belonged” or were expected to be easily found.

My 5 yo could then help unload the dishwasher  according to the labeled cabinets.  My 3 yo could then help put groceries away into the picture-coded baskets in the pantry or refrigerator.

Color-coded toy bins made for efficient and easy clean up, instilling a sense of responsibility and accomplishment for the kids.

Labeled bathroom bins for each child facilitated consistent and efficient routines, helped avoid misplacing items, and even prevent fighting over items!  In addition, pictures coded schedules encouraged independent morning and night time routines. This, too,  instilled confidence, sense of productivity, contribution and maturity with my kids.


The systems I put in place gave this busy and exhausted Mom some well needed breathing room and allowed for more fun family time and less stress in our lives!



My Story

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