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Welcome to Urge to Purge's Grand Opening this March. I wanted to share some basic introductory information this month and, or course, our Special Events Calendar and Promotions! *************************************************************************** Lets start with a few Frequently Asked Questions What is a Professional Organizer? A Professional Organizer is someone that helps you to overcome clutter and disorganization to make your life less stressful and your space more efficient. Why hire a Professional Organizer? A Professional Organizer not only helps you organize your mess, but they also create easy-to-follow systems to help keep it that way. They are there to help you through the entire process or to get down and dirty and do everything themselves. They are there to sit, sort, clean, file, de-clutter, and de-stress to help make your home a better place to live.

So What's So Special About This Month??

  • National Clutter Awareness Week (4th Week of March)

  • Nat'l Clean Out Your Closet Week (3rd week of March

  • Nat'l Organize Your Office Day (2nd Tues of March)

  • Procrastination Week (2nd week of March)

Monthly Promotions WOW! This is a great month for DEALS!

  • Grand Opening Promo- 1st 5 Clients Booked get 20% off

  • Closet Projects 20% off

  • Office Projects 20% off

  • Declutter One Space 10% off

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